Many regions and countries have mandatory regulations in place governing the use and sale of machine to machine (M2M) devices that include wireless communication technologies. Products must satisfy the requirements of local market laws in their target countries before the devices can be shipped and sold.

UL works with its customers to test and approve wireless M2M products that utilize communications protocols and technologies such as cellular (GSM/UMTS/LTE), Bluetooth® (including 4.0), NFC, WiMAX and Wi-Fi.

UL is accredited as a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB), Foreign Certification Body (FCB) and a Notified Body. With more than 20 years of experience in wireless and radio certification, UL has a wide range of testing capabilities and expertise to help ensure that products meet the requirements for M2M devices across virtually all industries, carriers and markets.

We are a primary test laboratory for PTCRB, the certification forum by North American cellular operators, and a Recognized Test Organization (RTO) for the Global Certification Forum (GCF), testing to all applicable standards required to conform to these programs. Devices that are not certified to be in compliance with PTCRB/GCF standards may not gain access to cellular networks in their target markets.

We can test M2M devices for compliance with specific carrier acceptance requirements, and our laboratory is Vodafone-approved for conducting OTA testing. UL is also an AT&T Mobile Broadband Accelerator (MBA) ATL.

Are you an M2M manufacturer based in Europe? If so take a look at our dedicated European Consumer Technology website. Here you can find information about our local Machine to Machine testing services in your region and events happening close to you.