UL labs are among the few facilities in the world accredited to offer the complete Bluetooth® Qualification Package – RF, Protocol and Profile —to all Bluetooth standards. We have over a decade of experience in Bluetooth compliance and are an accredited member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the organization that administers Bluetooth standards development and licensing.

Qualification is required for any product using Bluetooth wireless technology and displaying the Bluetooth trademark. Achieving Bluetooth Qualification is a complex process encompassing pre-compliance, advisory services, interoperability checks and regulatory compliance testing.

We can guide our customers through every step of the conformance and certification process, helping build compliance and compatibility right into product designs to help avoid costly surprises in the latter stages of the development cycle. Our global presence, our close relationships with industry stakeholders and regulatory authorities, and our active participation in standards development organizations enable UL to help its customers understand changing regulations, plan for the future and manage risk more effectively.

UL can provide time- and cost-saving bundles to meet all wireless technology testing needs, including EMC, radio performance and safety certifications. For multitechnology devices we also provide an extensive range of expertise in Wi-Fi, cellular conformance, RF exposure and SAR compliance.

Are you a Bluetooth integrator based in Europe? If so take a look at our dedicated European Consumer Technology website. Here you can find information about our local Bluetooth Qualification service in your region and events happening close to you.