UL’s wiring harness traceability program allows end-product manufacturers to accept wiring harnesses manufactured off site (or by a third party) with confidence while mitigating the risks associated with the introduction of noncompliant cable into their products.

In today’s world, manufacturing processes have become more complex and global in nature. Electric and electronic devices typically include components and materials from a large number of manufacturers spanning several regions. Consequently, a large percentage of the appliance wiring material (AWM) used in final products is processed into a harness before it reaches the final assembly process.

UL’s wiring harness traceability program monitors cables as they move from the manufacturing plant through the harness producer and into the final assembly line. This program enables manufacturers to quickly introduce new harness designs based on end-product investigations, and to confidently choose from a network of over 2,000 UL certified wiring harness manufacturers to fulfill their sourcing needs.

The wiring harness traceability program was developed to provide manufacturers the greatest flexibility to produce harnesses based on their suppliers’ needs. Once a manufacturer has acquired coverage under the UL wiring harness traceability program, subsequent harnesses may be constructed based on an end-product manufacturer’s drawing.

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