Over the past decade, Power-over-LAN cable technologies such as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) have become a viable powering option for a wide range of applications. Anticipating future standards, device manufacturers are pushing the envelope and designing more sophisticated equipment that demands increased power.

As the power is increased, the heat generated within the cable increases as well. This is especially true when the cables are bundled. The additional heat generated by the increased current could push the cables beyond their rated temperatures.

To address this concern, UL has introduced a Limited Power (LP) Certification to simplify the cable choice and installation considerations. The “-LP” cable designation indicates that the cable has been evaluated to carry the marked current under reasonable worst-case installation scenarios without exceeding the temperature rating of the cable. The certification takes into account large bundle sizes, high ambient temperatures and other issues related to environmental effects, such as enclosed spaces or conduits.

Program Benefits

  • Provides an uncomplicated way to ensure installations are ready for the increasing power levels and are not susceptible to safety issues caused by excessive heat generation. This simplifies installation planning.
  • Provides a consistent test method for evaluating a cable’s ability to handle a specified current.
  • Cables are distinguished with an industry recognized and trusted UL certification Mark. This ensures compliance and reduces risk to all stakeholders in the supply chain.
  • Test-based requirements allow for innovation in cable design.