UL helps manufacturers test and certify copper and fiber products to widely accepted safety and performance standards. Each cable type, such as CMP, CMR and CM, is tested depending on its anticipated installation and use. We offer customizable service bundles to reduce redundant testing, saving time and cost. In addition to safety certification, UL’s proprietary structured cabling performance verification service offers two options to address cable manufacturer’s needs:

  • Certification service: Products in compliance with the applicable performance standards that have been investigated for use in accordance with the ANSI/NFPA 70 National Electric Code (NEC) are authorized to bear UL’s certification Mark.
  • Letter report service: Under this option, cables are subjected to a one-time verification test. A letter report is issued documenting the results, but no certification is granted and there is no requirement for ongoing compliance testing.

Non-listed cables verified for performance These cables are intended for installation and use in countries other than the United States where the NEC is not applicable. These cables can be evaluated for transmission performance and are verified in accordance with National or International Specifications (DVBI) category.