UL works directly with utilities to help ensure compliant products, and the utility’s needs and specifications are addressed by their suppliers. Our customized product and manufacturing process inspection programs utilize UL’s extensive knowledge in the areas of wire and cable manufacturing to assess the performance and compliance of a product or manufacturers production facility according to the utility’s own specifications or UL’s own rigorous requirements. Each program has been developed to address the critical product or process attributes, and the impact that they have on the life of the cable and ability to provide utilities with the most network reliability.

Whether it’s sourcing conformant products, assessing conformance directly or providing staff training/knowledge solutions, our global footprint enables us to serve utilities throughout the world. Our worldwide marketplace expertise enables us to help utilities source conformant products and systems from around the world that meet the unique specifications of the utility for performance and product compliance over a broad range of standards.

We also work with product manufacturers to test and certify power cable products for utility, EPC, renewable energy and construction use. We provide safety certification and performance verification services to product manufacturers, including UL 1072, IEC, AEIC, and ICEA for power cables. Additionally, we provide IEC type testing and qualification testing services to manufacturers requiring a type examination certificate for the markets which these certificates are required in.