Telecommunications and network systems are increasingly making the switch to optical fiber. In response, UL’s fiber optics program has been expanded and enhanced to meet growing industry needs. We have significantly increased our capacity and capability to carry out safety and transmission performance testing on multiple fiber-optic products. We can assess fiber-optic products for performance and reliability to many published industry standard (such as the Telcordia GR-series Standards) and to many international fiber-optic performance standards as well as to our customers’ specifications.

Our customers can satisfy all of their safety certification and performance verification needs for optical fiber products in a single submittal. We offer bundled safety certification and performance verification service packages that allow our customers to combine the applicable UL, NEBS and EMC testing services for their products, saving time and money by eliminating redundant testing.

UL’s optical laboratory is equipped with fully automated, software-controlled equipment that provides real-time test results. Testing can be performed on the optical, mechanical and environmental characteristics of most passive optical equipment.

Our comprehensive follow-up program helps simplify supply chain management by determining products’ continued compliance with industry standards.