LAN cable products are performance-verified by UL to various national and international industry standards, including ANSI/TIA 568 and ISO/IEC 11801 series. UL can also performance-verify products to our customers’ proprietary specifications. Performance verification services are available for cable, links and channels.

UL’s complete verification programs cover safety, performance, unannounced factory follow-up inspection and follow-up testing. Our verification helps users, specifiers, distributors and manufacturers identify cabling products that meet nationally recognized safety requirements as well as industry specifications for performance and quality.

UL’s dedicated LAN laboratory is equipped with fully automated, software-controlled equipment that provides real-time test results. Test services for cable, links and channels include active, passive, environmental, balunless, shielding effectiveness and EMC. We can also design custom testing programs based on a customer’s proprietary specifications.



UL’s New Category 8 Verification Testing and Service Requirements

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