UL’s Laboratory in Taiwan has been authorized as an Independent Test Lab (ITL) by USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF) to test USB Type-C™ cable assemblies, connectors, PD E-Markers, PD Silicon as well as USB PD enabled Power Bricks. UL has previously been qualified for testing USB Types A, B, & C cable assemblies and connectors.

Massive arrays of devices now rely on USB Type-C™ for connection, communication, and power. USB-IF certification and testing reassures brand owners, installers, retailers, and end-users about the reliability of the data transmission rate, the cable and connector design, and the proper implementation of Power Delivery. Now more than ever the industry needs the ability to distinguish a compliant USB cable, device or charger from a sub-standard one.

With a view to address these concerns, UL joins the efforts of USB-IF to help ensure product compliance associated with the USB Type- C™ connector through the testing and evaluation of the USB Type-C™ cable assemblies, connectors, PD chipsets, and Power Bricks for USB-IF certification.

Please click here for additional information about the UL service offering under the USB-IF Compliance Program.