To help meet the needs of all stakeholders and to mitigate the effects of sub-standard, counterfeit and self-declared compliant high-speed cables in the supply chain, UL has developed a Performance Verification program for these products. The program offers an independent, third-party assessment of compliance with transmission performance requirements. The assessment involves initial qualification testing of these products, as well as ongoing compliance testing via factory and marketplace sampling. verification

The types of cables currently covered under the program include:

Description Verified Data Rate
High Speed 4K Cable 10.2 Gbps
High Speed 4K Cable 18 Gbps


  • UL’s Performance Verification program is independent of all licensing and certification programs. UL does not verify any compliance status or required certificates, other than those issued by UL. Therefore, it is the responsibility of cable manufacturers to follow all of the requirements associated with non-UL licensing and certification programs they participate in.
  • Our  program offers enhanced cable performance specification verification and provides comprehensive follow-up services and market surveillance to help ensure the ongoing compliance of your cables in the marketplace.
  • UL protects the interests of participating manufacturers through our global anti-counterfeiting program, which leverages law enforcement expertise and works with global customs agencies and authorities to combat counterfeiting.
  • The Performance Verification program focuses on cables sold to customers, OEM suppliers, distributors, and installers who have a relatively high demand for quality and reliability of cable transmission performance.
  • The test requirements under this program are based on UL’s proprietary performance specification and described in the UL Outline of Investigation for High Speed Cable Performance, UL 4000.

Work Flow for Application

Please reach out to your UL representative via for additional information about these service offerings.