In addition to the damage caused by fire, corrosivity and smoke generated from non-low smoke halogen free cables could cause damage to electrical and electronic equipment during combustion. UL is pleased to offer Halogen Free (HF) and Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) optional certification marks for all wire and cable categories in accordance with internally recognized IEC 62821 series of standards.

UL listed cables that have received the optional “-HF” and “-LSHF” marks also meet all other UL requirements for the general certification. All certifications will be covered under UL’s Follow-Up Service (FUS) program, which is designed to monitor and test UL certified products to ensure that production is consistent and continually complies with certification requirements.

Program Benefits

  • Certification information is made publically available
  • Product listing (Cable and Individual combustible materials) in UL’s Online Certifications Directory
  • UL IQTM Database listing
  • Eliminate repetitive lot testing
  • Enables differentiation in a highly competitive market
  • Globally recognized standard / test methods

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