Construction Products Regulation (CPR) provides unified requirements for reaction to fire for power, control, communications, and optical fiber cables intended for installations in all types of construction works in all EU member states.

Cables are classified by seven performance classes based on their reaction to fire. Additional subclasses are available based on smoke production, flaming droplets and acidity.

In addition to testing, classes are defined by, “Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance” (AVCP) systems ranging from 1+ (initial type-testing and factory inspection and assessment of factory production control (FPC) with audit testing of samples by 3rd party notified product certification body), to the lowest AVCP System, 4, only requiring initial type-testing and FPC by manufacturer. The system 1+ would be similar in approach to UL’s Safety Certification Scheme.

UL has a long history and expertise in conducting most of the above tests, and we are working with a CPR Notified Body, BASEC, to provide CPR evaluation service.

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