Subscription Service Provides Access to Colombia

Superintendency of Industry and Commerce in Colombia recently announced that products shipped into Colombia require official letters certifying that the products have been tested to the proper standards under the Testing Schemes detailed in ISO 17067.

All products that are UL certified are listed in UL’s Online Certification Directory. This is also where the Certification Scheme letter will be available through UL’s subscription service. As a result, products will not be delayed in Customs as the letter is available to Border Officials to view/print via the online directory. When products arrive in Customs, Colombian Border Officials can access the Online Directory for the Certification Scheme letter. The letter is available immediately in both English and Spanish – conveniently at the click of a button.

OCD Letter


  • 24/7 access to Certification Scheme letters for UL certified products
  • All UL certified products are listed in the Online Certification Directory
  • Letters are automatically updated
  • Online Certification Directory is available anywhere globally via internet access to manufacturers., distributors and
    Border Officials
  • All files included in the subscription will link to UL’s Online Certification Directory