UL tests flexible power cord products to ANSI/UL 62, the Standard for Safety of Flexible Cords and Cables, which is fully harmonized for access into Canada and Mexico, and other applicable standards. Additionally, we certify power supply cords and extension cords to ANSI/UL 817, the Standard for Safety of Cord Sets and Power-Supply Cords.

We also conduct testing and evaluation to international, national and regional regulations, including the D Mark for demonstrating third-party certification of compliance to EU requirements, and Inmetro certification for products sold in Brazil. Our global compliance knowledge helps our customers stay ahead of changing regulatory demands and get their products to market faster.

UL is committed to supporting our customers’ drive to protect public safety, maintain brand value and clearly differentiate their products in the marketplace. UL can help detect variances and defects at critical checkpoints throughout the supply chain, and can perform quality and compliance tests across the entire manufacturing process. Our customers particularly rely on UL’s expertise in safety science and compliance to help determine whether flexible cords intended for use in especially demanding situations— such as charging electric vehicles—will operate as expected under heavy usage and despite exposure to sometimes challenging environmental conditions.

To help customers clearly differentiate their products in the marketplace, address counterfeit UL Marks or labels, and protect brand value, UL introduced the Gold Hologram security label. This enables product traceability across the supply chain and gives customers the opportunity to instantly verify product compliance in the field, a feature that no other certification body offers.