Rely on UL for assistance in leveraging new opportunities for the building wire industry.

We work with manufacturers to define standards and test methods for new cable designs, including evaluating new materials that can achieve the same performance at lower costs. We create innovative ways to demonstrate product compliance with safety standards and to add value to the renewable energy industry and other industries that are reshaping how we generate and use electricity.

UL and our customers, by extension, enjoy unparalleled recognition and acceptance from electrical inspectors and other regulatory authorities. We help specifiers, distributors and the building industry identify cabling products that meet nationally recognized safety requirements as well as industry specifications for performance and quality. These stakeholders rely on UL to reduce the risk associated with use of noncompliant wire and cabling products.

Cables in these categories are authorized to use the UL Mark, a declaration by a manufacturer that the product complies with applicable standards. Electricians, contractors and end-product manufacturers look to the UL Mark to source cable that meets appropriate requirements.