UL offers a broad and comprehensive certification program for appliance wiring material (AWM). This program enables manufacturers to demonstrate compliance in an objective and credible fashion, while enabling thousands of OEMs to source safer, compliant products.

UL works with our customers to meet all of their testing and certification needs for new constructions (styles) of appliance wiring material intended for use in innovative applications and products. Our unique and constantly evolving library of AWM styles has become the industry standard for defining and sourcing these types of products. As a result, thousands of end-product manufacturers base their sourcing specifications on individual AWM styles to comply with standards and enable multiple vendor supply policies.

UL tests AWM to ANSI/UL 758, the Standard for Safety for Appliance Wiring Material. The types of tests performed are dependent on the construction and anticipated use of the product.

Our presence in major manufacturing centers around the world ensures that customers will be able to conveniently access UL’s services close to home as well as UL local expertise in all of their target markets.