The number of people who utilize at least one digital identity to facilitate fast access to online information is rapidly increasing. And the incidences of exposure, theft and misuse of private data also continue to grow.

Applications need to be secure but also user friendly. Choices have to be made, such as how to achieve interoperability, what type of authentication to use, how to arrange security from the back end and how to meet overall implementation requirements.

We assist governments, online shops, insurance companies, hospitals, social media providers, global industrial companies, the automotive industry and other customers with defining their scope, developing strategic insight and ultimately increasing profitability.

We provide guidance on how secure the solution should be, which standards should be adhered to, whether a solution should be developed or existing tokens or schemes can best be used, how the most suitable vendor can be found and where a fit-for-purpose solution can be obtained.

Our customers leverage UL’s extensive knowledge and experience in the area of identity security to help ensure that their security implementation is reliable, interoperable, fits within the budget and cannot be compromised.

For our data security customers, we deliver:

  • Training and learning
  • Authentication and authorization strategic advice
  • NFC/TSM interoperability advice
  • ePassport/eMRTD reader and smart card test tools
  • Automated border control implementation
  • MIFARE4Mobile certification
  • PCI compliance, FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria services