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September 19th, 2018
Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Goniophotometer

We know you need more than just a piece of equipment, so we’ve arranged our business to add value to yours, beyond what other equipment suppliers do. We invest in relationships for the long term, not for a sale. We believe that making a difference in the world starts with making our customers successful. It’s… read more

July 17th, 2018
Lumen Insights Issue 2 2018

Find our latest newsletter at the resource link below. Stay in the know with real time Lighting Industry updates from UL. Lumen Insights is a quarterly newsletter delivering key insights on energy efficiency, performance, reliability, safety and sustainability lighting trends, standards, regulations, UL solutions and more. In this Issue: A New Dedicated Standard for Flashlights… read more

July 16th, 2018
UL Sign Industry Business Panel Recap

The UL Sign Industry Business Panel (UL-SIBP) is a collaborative forum between UL and the major US sign associations, including the International Sign Association (ISA); the United States Sign Council Foundation (USSCF); and World Sign Associates (WSA). The panel holds regular meetings with the goal of promoting requirements, certification and education programs that keep-up with… read more

July 16th, 2018
Saudi Arabia, SASO CoPC – Details About Certification Process

By: Federico Picco / UL Saudi Regulatory Program Expert The new Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) IECEE CB Recognition Program, also known as the SASO Certificate of Product Conformity (SASO CoPC), currently covers the following product categories: Mobile phones Mobile chargers (all variety of charges: adaptors & cables, wireless, power banks) Mobile USB cables Mobile… read more

July 16th, 2018
Saudi Arabia, SALEEM – New Certification Scheme

By: Federico Picco / UL Saudi Regulatory Program Expert The new Saudi certification scheme SALEEM will replace the current Saudi Conformity Assessment program (SASO CoC) scheme and will operate via the new SABER system, SASO’s electronic service created to facilitate the process of entering goods and products to the Saudi market. The SALEEM scheme will… read more

July 16th, 2018
European Union – Upcoming Standard Changes for Lighting Products

By: Elena Andreula / UL EMEA Regulatory Program Expert Harmonized Standards Dates of Withdrawal Electrical equipment in compliance with a harmonized European Standard (EN) cited in the Official Journal of the European Union shall be presumed to be in compliance with the corresponding requirements of harmonization legislation. New European harmonized standard editions or amendments become… read more

July 16th, 2018
India – BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme (BIS-CRS) Update

By: Saurabh Nag / UL Program Manager Inclusion of LED luminaire products to the Schedule of the “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012”. Effective from 23rd May 2018, the following LED luminaire products are now regulated and are required to comply with India Standards with testing performed in Bureau of… read more

July 16th, 2018
Australia RCM Mandatory Certification Requirement for Self-Ballasted LED Lamps

By: Stuart Foster / UL Engineer Australian and New Zealand electrical safety regulations reference AS/NZS 3820 “Essential safety requirements for electrical equipment” to describe minimum compliance requirements in conjunction with product specific standards where these exist. While the specific details and terminology vary between the different jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand there is a… read more

July 16th, 2018
Code-Compliant Control of Emergency Luminaires

Advances in LED luminaire design now allow for a wide variety of automated and manual control setting adjustments that can save energy, modify room aesthetics, reduce harmful bacteria levels, and even affect occupant health and wellbeing. Lamps have become luminaires, and luminaires are now becoming lighting systems. These lighting systems are sometimes fully contained within… read more

July 16th, 2018
Standards Corner – Issue 2 2018

By: Joe Musso / UL Standards Program Manager Standards information link HERE. Sign up for “What’s New” HERE by selecting “Join Email List” on the “What’s New” site to receive email notifications twice a month listing the various UL, UL Environment, and ULC Standards documents published during that timeframe. UL 48 – Electric Signs Several… read more