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June 26th, 2017
Higher Standards for Data Cables

As technology evolves, the demands placed on various devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones, power banks, etc. – are increasing. Similarly, the demands and expectations placed on the data cables that transmit information and power and charge these devices are also rising. Users are requiring faster charging and higher wattage and, to achieve this, may unintentionally… read more

March 19th, 2014
UL 60950-22, First Edition

Effective Date Information Date of publication April 23, 2007 Revised: December 19, 2011 Date of withdrawal of previous standards As of December 19, 2011 new products submitted for certification will only be evaluated using the requirements in UL 60950-22 First Edition, dated December 19, 2011. Products that are certified by UL to previous Information Technology… read more