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December 14th, 2016
Singapore Standards Releases Standard on Food Safety Management Systems

Singapore Standards has released ‘SS ISO 22000:2016 Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for any Organization in the Food Chain.’ The standard establishes quality management system, intended for organizations dealing with food chains. The standard shall assist them in demonstrating their capability of controlling food safety hazards, ensuring food safety for human consumption. The standard… read more

November 7th, 2016
State Council Releases Draft Rules on Food Safety Law

The State Council of China has released the revised draft implementation rules intended for Food Safety Law. The draft rules apply to special food raw material management, sale and advertisement, e-commerce food trade, food safety standards and the regulation of food additives in the catering sector. The draft rules outline the following: Standards Traceability Recall… read more

April 20th, 2015
Scotland Launches New Food Standards Safety Body

The government of Scotland has established Food Standards Scotland (FSS), taking over the responsibilities previously carried out by the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency, and with greater powers to tackle diet and nutrition and regulate food safety. The new agency is responsible for the following: Focus on the unique food safety needs of Scotland Ensure… read more

March 16th, 2015
Lawmakers Create Bill to Unify Food Safety Agency (USA)

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro have introduced bills to unify all food safety agencies, solely intended to protect the public health. The Safe Food Act of 2015 would consolidate all the authorities for food safety inspections, enforcement and labeling into the Food Safety Administration, independent of any federal department. The Act… read more

November 18th, 2014
Vermont Releases Draft GMO Labeling Rules

Vermont has released a draft of rules to govern the state’s first-in-the-nation law to require the labeling of food made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The nine pages of rules lay out everything from definitions of “food” and “genetic engineering” to the required disclosures that will read “Produced with Genetic Engineering” or “Partially Produced with… read more

October 21st, 2014
U.S. FDA Releases Guidance Documents for Food Facility Registration Renewal

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released three guidance documents to help food facilities renew their registrations during the three-month renewal period beginning on October 1, 2014 and ending on December 31, 2014. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), enacted on January 4, 2011, amended the food facility registration requirements of section… read more

October 21st, 2014
EC Drafts Commission Regulation Rejecting Health Claims Made on Foods

The European Commission (EC) has drafted a Commission Regulation that refuses to authorize certain health claims made on foods, other than those referring to the reduction of disease risk and to children’s development and health. The regulation is in in accordance with Article 18(4) of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 of the European Parliament and of… read more

October 21st, 2014
U.S. FDA Proposes Changes to Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed changes to four rules proposed in 2013 to implement the FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) to make the original proposals more flexible, practical and targeted. The changes are based on the input received during an unprecedented level of outreach to stakeholders as well as… read more

September 9th, 2014
UL Offers Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification

UL Registrar’s Enhanced Focus Recently, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality, safety, and origin of their food.  As UL is a trusted name among consumers, UL Registrar now offers a solution to help give consumers peace of mind when it comes to these types of growing concerns. UL Registrar (UL R) is a sub-division… read more

July 28th, 2014
Illinois Issues Food Handler Law

The State of Illinois recently adopted a Food Handler Law.  Beginning July 1, 2014 restaurant employees in direct contact with food preparation, are required to complete the Illinois Food Handler Card Training or equivalent program in basic food safety principles from an ANSI-accredited training organization. According to the law, the food handler training certificate must… read more