Cyber-attacks are growing in sophistication, with increased damage to an organization’s intellectual property, operations and reputation following a successful breach. With attempts to compromise networks, applications and data on the rise, and connections and communications becoming increasingly vulnerable, it is critical to take the necessary steps to protect your critical assets now.

Today’s IT infrastructures are often so complex that it is difficult to know exactly where to begin the process of securing and protecting your assets. Should you focus first on closing compliance gaps, change your system design to implement missing security controls, or look at your people and processes to help mitigate security risks?

UL works with you to pro-actively take security into account for your IT infrastructures, rather than considering it as an afterthought. We help our customers to strategize around security. This includes setting requirements, based on industry standards and best practices, but also a customer’s proprietary requirements.

UL brings clarity and credibility to this process. Our service portfolio regarding Cyber Risk & Privacy includes the following services: Cybersecurity Strategy Review, Security & Risk Assessment, Data Protection Impact Assessment and Design & Build Support.

Cybersecurity Strategy Review

UL has a wealth of security knowledge and experience which can be applied to review your Cybersecurity Strategy. In today’s world, with the types of risks that are at stake, cyber threats can no longer be regarded as an IT problem: it is business-critical. UL helps you to develop your organizational security strategy to improve and optimize security levels. We provide you with a cybersecurity maturity assessment and a roadmap for necessary investments in additional security measures.

Security & Risk Assessment

UL can develop a threat model tailored to your organization and critical assets, review existing security controls and measures, and based on a risk analysis identify security gaps. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the imminent and potential risks that you are facing and your current security posture. We will also provide you with a plan of action that enables you to address and prevent security vulnerabilities now and in the future.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

More and more personal data are used and privacy concerns are on the rise. New European data protection regulation makes it mandatory for organizations to perform data protection impact assessments. UL helps by performing these assessments, advising on technical and organizational measures to take to comply with regulation, to implement privacy by design, and generally to ensure sufficient data security.

Design & Build Support

When you are designing and building your IT infrastructure, UL can review your architecture and design from a security point of view, determine what security requirements to set and select vendors for the security systems and solutions you may require. We can also help to ensure that security-critical systems are properly configured. For software development and maintenance activities, our point of departure is to help you ensure a complete Secure Software Development Lifecycle.

Find the right service within the UL offering and learn how it meets your particular needs.