Non-compliances identified during an audit are generally the result of systemic issues in management systems and operations, affecting not only labor management but also working hours, on-time delivery, quality and cost. UL takes a holistic approach to remediation of issues identified during a workplace assessment. Addressing the systemic issues as part of a comprehensive capacity building and continuous improvement program can provide benefits to all stakeholders in the value chain.

All parties in the value chain may benefit from capacity building and continuous improvement:

For factories

  • Decreased time and resources spent on remediation of non-compliances and re-audits – resulting from enhanced skills in root cause analysis and optimized management systems
  • Improved worker retention through enhanced training, communication and HR management

For vendors, agents, licensees and suppliers

  • Broadened oversight of manufacturing partners’ management systems through a proactive approach to social responsibility implementation
  • Streamlined and integrated remediation process to address root causes
  • Compliance with laws and standards, and the ability to better meet customer requirements

For brands and retailers

  • Enhanced ability to break the “audit-re-audit cycle” through addressing non-compliances at the root
  • Improved guidance for the supply chain, benefiting from combined experience of thousands of social compliance and security audits and years of familiarity with local legal requirements
  • Time savings through delegation of corrective action follow-up to a dedicated team of experts, allowing you to focus on other aspects of a successful program – including sensitive issue management, stakeholder relations, and program strategy and design
  • Improved program reporting utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs) gathered across the manufacturing value chain

We offer training, capacity building and remediation services to assist both suppliers and clients in implementing sustainable business practices and improving workplace conditions in global value chains.

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