Support for secure coding practices, secure design and configuration reviews, and pre-CAP testing during development cycles.

It can be difficult to know where to start when assessing product security. Do you begin with compliance with regulatory requirements, support for strategic business objectives, alliance with existing policies and processes, or the technical requirements of your existing IT infrastructure? These questions and many more are answered by UL Product Security Advisory Services.

UL provides deep insight into how a product meets or conflicts with our customer’s security and industry requirements, including UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program (CAP) requirements. We can help ensure that all requirements are met, but also offer support when business and technological concerns are addressed.

During the design and development phase of a product, UL offers support for secure coding practices, as well as design and configuration review services. We also provide quality assurance for secure development and maintenance product life cycle processes.

These services help our customers mitigate risks prior to CAP testing. In addition to formal CAP certification testing, we can offer advice on CAP requirements and perform pre-CAP certification testing and remediation support activities.

Note: We ensure independent CAP formal testing and certification. Delivery of our advisory services is done separately through different teams.