UL is a leading global provider for the production of test specimens, and testing and certification services for innovative plastics.

We have been testing plastics since 1941 and are proud to serve all of the world’s top plastics manufacturers. We work closely with plastic industry stakeholders to maintain and enhance existing UL Standards, establish new Standards, and develop certification and testing programs that address emerging technologies and product applications.

UL tests and certifies standardized, engineering and high performance polymeric materials for compliance to global standards intended to mitigate the risks of fire, electric shock, personal injury and environmental hazards.  We work with companies involved in compounding, extrusion and injection molding as well as raw materials producers and automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

We help our customers meet their demanding deadlines with a portfolio of services aimed at reducing testing complexity and managing risk, including:

  • UL’s Specialized Long-Term Thermal Aging Program for polymer variations, which cuts the time typically required to conduct relative thermal index (RTI) evaluations by 75%
  • Sample preparation services that help to ensure sample consistency, reducing delays and costs associated with flawed data produced by unreliable samples
  • Development testing  services to spot potential performance and compliance problems early in the product development cycle to avoid costly late-stage remediation or recalls

UL Recognized plastics, known worldwide for their UL Yellow Cards, are listed in our UL IDES PROSPECTOR™ online plastics database. The database offers a powerful search engine capability to enable end-product manufacturers to search for plastics by safety, performance and compliance attributes, technical specifications, company name, generic family, grade and description to select the appropriate plastic products for any project.

We test to a number of standards, dependent on anticipated product use, including UL 588, ANSI/UL 94, ANSI/UL 746A-D and UL 746C, and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 0.17.92.


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