Based on customer requests for more information about how to attain UL Recognized Marking & Labeling Systems and locate Authorized Label Suppliers, UL is pleased to announce the launch of the UL iQ for Labels database.

This database is intended to assist those who are searching for UL Recognized Marking & Labeling Systems and/or Authorized Label Suppliers. The database promotes pre-selection of labels and label suppliers under the parametric search function by enabling searching via any combination of the following:

  • Company name
  • Country location
  • File number
  • Model/system designation
  • Surface type
  • Temperature
  • Special conditions
  • Uses and exposures
  • Trade name

This search aids with the quick identification of all suitable labels that meet the selected search criteria. The database is included with the other UL iQ Family of databases. Access to any of the UL iQ databases is free, but registration is required if you don’t have a MyHome@UL account.

Simply login to your MyHome account or register now for access.