Completing a submission form will providing UL with information concerning the construction of your labels and the surfaces and environmental exposures desired. Providing accurate information helps us develop the correct test program and reduces the time required to complete your request. When determining the surfaces and environmental exposures desired for your product, UL recommends requesting information from your customers who have knowledge regarding the specific surface types to which their labels will be affixed as well as exposure requirements the labels must meet when applied to their product(s).

Complete one form for each label system you intend to submit for evaluation. A family of labels that have significant common construction features (typically the same adhesive and same generic face stock) may be covered under a single submission form.

Submission Forms

Initial Submission

After completing the appropriate submission form(s) above, please contact Customer Service to request a quote or complete the online Request for Quote form to receive project pricing and assumptions. Be sure to include the completed submission forms with your request.

After you accept your quote, a UL project engineer will review your submission form(s). Following this review, the project engineer will contact you to confirm your needs, discuss the scope of your project, and review other important information including the test program, sample requirements, and estimated completion dates for the investigation.

Project Completion

When product testing is complete, your project engineer will inform you if your product complies with UL’s requirements. If your product meets the requirements, details regarding the construction of the product tested and the Conditions of Acceptability associated with the product will be included in a formal report. These results will also be used to develop a Follow-Up Service (FUS) program. UL’s field representatives use this program as their guide at your manufacturing locations when periodically conducting the factory examinations and periodically selecting production samples to show continued compliance with UL’s requirements.

Project Timing

Completion time varies greatly depending on factors including the number of products and application surfaces requested. For smaller/common project investigations, project times from receipt of samples required for investigation typically start at approximately 7 weeks for indoor use and 12 weeks for outdoor use products. Larger projects covering multiple products or requiring full permanency of marking tests on more than a few application surfaces need additional evaluation time.

Using Recognized Materials

Using Recognized Marking & Labeling System Materials to manufacture your labels can reduce required testing. If you intend to use Recognized Materials, refer to the component product name as it appears in the supplier’s listing on UL’s Online Certification Directory with a reference to the supplier’s UL File Number. You can also use that directory to verify the material ratings and confirm they are suitable for the applications required.