UL’s services help address the safety concerns of the label industry with respect to labeling of hazardous goods for marine transport.

UL’s ‘Marine Use’ Marking & Labeling services specifically covers labels and label materials that are intended to durably mark dangerous and hazardous goods (such as chemical containers or drums) for marine transport in international waters.   This helps ensure that chemical containers that are lost at sea and recovered are identifiable through the markings.

UL offers testing and certification services to the BS 5609:1986 specification for printed pressure-sensitive, adhesive coated labels for marine use.  The label performance requirements are primarily covered under section 2 and 3.  Section 2 relates to the stock material and section 3 to the printing of the label.  Section 4 can additionally be used and covers provisions for testing additional substrates (application services) under an abbreviated program.

Our services enables label material manufacturers and label converters to substantiate their claims with UL’s trusted third-party certification while increasing confidence and peace of mind of end users on the product’s durability.

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