UL has been providing certification, testing and training services for over 40 years to the label industry.  Our engineering and laboratory team assists our customers in delivering compliant labels that meet individual project specifications and the demands of the global marketplace.

Many products must be permanently marked or labeled with specific safety-related information such as hazards, warnings, cautions, installation instructions and electrical ratings. UL tests and certifies marking and labeling systems and materials for adherence to established performance requirements. Whether it is regulatory requirements, pre-defined customer specifications, or certification requirements, UL is able to provide the services needed.

Our evaluations for marking and labeling systems includes comprehensive testing for permanency—such as curling, wrinkling, shrinkage or loss of adhesion—when a mark or label is exposed to environmental conditions such as high humidity, water, elevated temperatures, sunlight or chemical agents. Testing also typically includes an evaluation of legibility and resistance to defacement.

We work with label manufacturers to update and create new UL Standards to address changes in technology and product applications. One example is our in-mold label (IML) program, designed specifically to support label manufacturers and their customers who now use IMLs to display safety-related information on UL certified products.

We also offer an authorized label supplier program to identify suppliers approved to print and distribute UL Marks.