Provisional Recognition provides manufactures with an early indication of product performance. Provisional Recognition is permitted for specific products, components, materials or systems to determine suitability for UL Listing or Recognition. Products, components, materials or systems eligible for Provisional Recognition – including items covered under UL’s EIS test program – may require one or more long-term tests.


Provisional Recognition may be granted after approximately 2,000 hours of thermal aging if the data generated at two or more temperature points confirms the manufacturer’s desired rating points. Provisional Recognition is essentially identical to final component recognition, with the understanding that it is granted based on preliminary thermal aging data. Provisional Recognition is temporarily assigned based on projected final ratings from data that is being developed. UL may raise or lower the rating once thermal aging has been completed.

To request Provisional Recognition, manufacturers must complete and sign the UL Provisional Recognition Template (available here) on company letterhead to indicate their understanding of the implications and risks involved with Provisional Recognition. UL will not provide Provisional Recognition without a completed template.