UL now offers in-house motorette assembly in addition to thermal-aging testing, allowing our customers to enjoy the ease of comprehensive certification services from one compliance organization.

Motorettes, or general-purpose models, are non-functional test samples designed specifically for testing. These models represent all major elements of a functional product, including grounding/interwinding insulation and winding wires. Grounding/interwinding insulation materials are used to isolate the winding wires from the grounded, metal frame while also separating the windings at different potentials. Like functional products, these non-functional samples are tested in accordance with UL 1446 and IEC 61857-21.

Motorette testing at UL has many advantages over traditional sample testing, including the ability to test multiple alternative insulation materials and wire types simultaneously. UL is currently the only third-party certifier offering motorette testing and assembly under one roof and this full-service approach simplifies the process.