UL’s Corrosion Protection Coatings traceability program covers traceability of the coating material and verification of the application process for Recognized Component organic coating systems (Coatings, Organic, for Steel Enclosures of Outdoor-use Electrical Equipment, DTOV2). This program is intended to provide quick verification of the protective coatings that are applied at off-site locations and intended for use with end products.

Corrosion protection coatings applied under this program are intended to eliminate the uncertainty of the protective coating identity and application process in the end-use product. Protective coatings applied under this program have been verified as recognized to meet the requirements in Standard ANSI/UL 1332, “Organic Coatings for Steel Enclosures for Outdoor Use Electrical Equipment.”  The protective coatings are required to have a specific marking on the coated enclosure or packaging that indicates the identity and verifies the coating application process.

Under this program, the protective coating applier is required to keep adequate records allowing the correctly identified protective coating to be traced through receipt, storage, inventory withdrawal, application according to the Conditions of Acceptability, finishing, packaging and shipping.

The Protective Coating Parts Traceability program creates value for end-product manufacturers by ensuring that the component specifications are not compromised and continue to meet UL requirements. This program is covered by UL’s Recognition Service under the category of Applied Coatings, Organic, for Steel Enclosures of Outdoor-use Electrical Equipment (DTVV2).