Flammable Liquid Meters

Published in 1956, ANSI/UL 25 is the national Standard for meters for flammable and combustible Liquids and Liquified Petroleum (LP) gas. While not harmonized, the requirements in ULC/ORD-C25 are closely related to those in ANSI/UL 25 facilitating Listing in both the US and Canada.

For flammable and combustible liquids, the Standard covers meters designed for use in a system with a minimum operating pressure of 50 psi. Meters covered may be entirely mechanical or include an electrical encoder provided that encoder is evaluated for intrinsic safety as part of the Listing investigation.

Liquid Propane Gas Meters

For liquid propane -gas meter service, the evaluation criteria are similar to that for flammable and combustible liquids except they must be designed for a working pressure of 350 psi or greater.

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