Conformance to British Retail Consortium (BRC)/RILA Global Standards for Consumer Products is a common requirement for leading consumer product retailers around the world. To help organizations satisfy these requirements—and the associated expectations of consumers—UL provides objective BRC assessments, certifications and on-site training.

As an accredited BRC certification body, UL’s third-party audits certify an organization’s management system for the design, production, packaging and storage of a wide range of consumer products. This includes textile products, wooden products, chemical products, rubber and plastic products, metal products, electrical products, and more.

Along with a final report, successful completion of UL’s BRC audit earns an organization various assets, such as a certificate of conformity, access to the BRC Global Standards Directory, Corrective Action tracking and a BRC grade.

In addition to our certifying audit services, UL’s BRC training includes:

  • BRC Implementation for Consumer Products
  • BRC Internal Auditing
  • BRC Third-Party Auditor Training

UL’s BRC certification is built on values, which include assisting organizations to consistently produce safer, market-approved consumer products to the level of quality required by its customers or demanded by consumers.

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