More than 30 years of continuous design refinements, software development, and practical, day‑to‑day usage enable UL to offer the High Speed Moving Mirror Goniophotometer Series 6400T as the standard of the lighting industry.

Awarded the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report honor for 2010, the Series 6400T is a “unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting.” (IESNA, 2010)

With truly unequaled speed, accuracy and functionality, UL’s photometric equipment is the most sophisticated available. Our clients know this is true, such that every major American lamp manufacturer has acquired UL’s goniophotometers.

The Moving Mirror Goniophotometer Series 6400T delivers fast operation with accurate results no matter what type of lamp or luminaire test may be required. State‑of‑the-art computer hardware, coupled with sophisticated data collection and analysis software, provides a fully-automated test system.

Custom-designed goniometers to handle different luminaire sizes and test distances and to fit customers’ specific room sizes is also available. Please contact us to learn more.

All our goniophotometers are CE marked.


  • Recommendations and room layout plans provided by UL
  • Coordinated international shipping
  • Fast Delivery that is coordinated with your schedule
  • Professional installation
  • Training and operation and report generation


  • Spectroradiometer for Color Quantities and Color Angular Uniformity
  • Near-Field Measurements Accessory
  • Flashing Measurements Accessory
  • Coming Soon: Flicker analysis!


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