UL provides solutions. Some companies find our standard products to be a good solution, but your solution might be a custom piece of equipment designed to deliver the exact data you want. Take advantage of UL’s expertise in test equipment to have one designed for you.

Our Process

  • A project manager will work with you to determine the exact specifications.
  • A design engineer will analyze your needs and design the equipment.
  • A skilled technician will build the equipment.
  • A test engineer will verify operation.
  • If needed, an engineer or skilled installation technician will install the equipment at your facility.

Examples of Custom Solutions

  • Material test station for camouflage material
  • Quality control instrument for testing automotive lighting while it is installed in the vehicle for a Government Import Agency
  • Equipment to assist a manufacturer with a final test of HID lighting products
  • Equipment to manage COR (change of resistance) for testing to UL1598
  • Custom versions of Type-A, Type-B or Type-C goniophotometers

The pace of business is fast. Let the UL engineering staff help you reach your goal. Send us your specs or give us a call to discuss.


Leverage UL as a competitive advantage.

Do you want your own test equipment? UL can provide it.
Do you need testing services? UL can test it.
Do you need safety certification on your product? UL can certify it.

When you win, we win.