Who We Are

UL is a trusted name for accurate, credible, and reliable test results. Who knows test equipment better than a company that has been testing products for more than 125 years? UL holds 26 patents on lighting technologies, and, for more than 20 years, has been designing, manufacturing and delivering automated testing equipment to provide the same quality data for your lab that we have in ours.

Prior to 2011, our photometers, goniometers and other photometric equipment were manufactured under the business of Lighting Sciences, Inc. (LSI), world-renowned for expertise in lighting equipment. This expertise continues, but now with UL’s unique scientific and testing competencies complementing it.

UL has product design experts with decades of experience making robust and reliable products, engineers with the knowledge and experience to make testing repeatable and accurate, and experts in the lighting equipment industry who make sure our products are relevant and capable. This combination ensures our equipment is the premier equipment available on the market.

What We Make

UL has the capability to design test equipment from your set of unique specifications. We make both automated and manual equipment to test product performance and product reliability. Standard test equipment we manufacture includes:

  • High Speed Mirror Goniophotometers for testing lamps and luminaires
  • Lamp Life Test Stations for testing lamps
  • Lamp Base Torque Test Stations for R&D and quality control
  • Retro Reflex Test Stations for testing automotive and bicycle reflectors
  • Custom test equipment and fixtures built to your specifications

One of our core products is the popular Type-C goniophotometer, which has been honored by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of North America as a significant engineering advancement for the lighting industry.  We have deep knowledge of integrating sphere’s operation and characteristics, and can help you with how they fit into your over-all lab plan.

Where We Sell

UL installs and services equipment around the world. Our equipment is installed in Brazil, Canada, China, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, and the USA, to name just a few countries. 

Why Buy UL?

There are many technical and business reasons to buy UL Products.

  1. We use our own Equipment. UL operates photometric laboratories around the world, and we sell the same equipment we use to conduct thousands of tests each year. UL’s photometric laboratories are located in the USA and in India, Italy, Brazil and China.
  2. Facility Construction. UL’s Technical Team is available to provide assistance in facility planning/modification and technical requirements as they relate to standards, operation of our equipment, and training.
  3. Service – UL’s service personnel are knowledgeable not only about the construction and operation intricacies of our products, but also about photometric testing and many standards. UL maintains passports and VISAs; there will never be a delay because of an expired passport or VISA.
  4. UL Manufactures the Products. Some “manufacturers” actually use a third party to manufacturer the goniophotometer and lighting equipment. If you have a problem with their equipment, who do you call? Who will help? UL’s products are designed and manufactured by UL in the USA. Please come visit our manufacturing area located in Newton, Iowa.
  5. Technical Expertise — Members of the technical staff sit on testing procedure committees that write the standards. They have participated in ISO-17025 audits, and they are knowledgeable about testing practices and standards. UL can answer questions, while many other manufacturers just build or label equipment.
  6. Compatibility. UL’s goniophotometer is CE marked and compliant to IES LM 79.
  7. Delivery. UL’s global resources allow us to build and ship equipment while our competition is still waiting for their parts to arrive.


Leverage UL as a competitive advantage.

Do you want your own test equipment? UL can provide it.
Do you need testing services? UL can test it.
Do you need safety certification on your product? UL can certify it.

When you win, we win.


Find the right service within the UL offering and learn how it meets your particular needs.