UL is the industry leader in component certification for the lighting industry. We regularly conduct safety certification and performance testing to applicable component standards and regulations, including North American and international safety requirements, energy efficiency requirements, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. Certified components from UL give customers access to the target global markets they seek to deliver.

Our Conditions of Acceptability (COA) program, based directly on lighting industry feedback, was designed to save time and costs during the product evaluation process. UL’s Conditions of Acceptability service allows manufacturers to understand the specific limitations of a component, enabling our customers to make informed decisions regarding component suitability and substitutability.

UL’s component replacement service was created to simplify the process of replacing or substituting certified components with no need for additional testing. This provides an avenue for our customers to include an unlimited number of recognized components for a low flat price, which can increase speeds to market.

Experience the benefits of working with the global leader in product certification. If your product is currently certified by another OSHA NRTL, ANSI or SCC accredited certifier, UL makes it easy to convert that certification. Leverage the UL iQ family of databases to promote your products to manufacturers, designers, engineers and suppliers. By providing a hyperlink to the website of your choosing, you can drive clicks to your website directly from the UL iQ Database.

For more information, please contact LightingInfo@ul.com.