Personal flotation devices (PFDs) worn on various watercrafts in the United States are required to conform to standards set by the U.S. Coast Guard Lifesaving and Fire Safety Standards Division. Working together through a memorandum of understanding (MoU), UL and the U.S. Coast Guard provide UL Certification (Listing) and U.S. Coast Guard approval for life jackets, vests, seat cushions, deck suits and all other flotation devices. UL is an accepted independent testing laboratory for PFDs in the Code of Federal Regulations (46 CFR).

UL tests and certifies PFDs and other specific flotation devices to all applicable ANSI/UL and CAN/CGSB standards. We also test and certify devices to applicable Code of Federal Regulations defined within 46 CFR.

UL is also an accredited Notified Body and an ILAC-accredited test house to the Personal Protective Equipment Directive for life jackets, buoyancy aids and immersions suits, and the Marine Equipment Directive for Europe for life jackets, life buoys, immersion suits and thermal aids.

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