UL provides critical testing to industry standards for initiating and notification devices (IND) such as smoke alarms and detectors, CO alarms and detectors, heat alarms and detectors, audible and visual signaling devices, pull stations and extinguishing system attachments.

We focus on engaging with our customers early in the process of product design and development. With timely guidance on applicable standards—and dedicated technical support, we proactively navigate compliance issues to help our customers get products to market efficiently.

We also accommodate different customer needs in terms of testing locations and schedules. Along with having global facilities and partner laboratories for market access and convenience, UL offers a range of data acceptance programs (DAP) to qualify and accept externally generated test data for certification.

UL is recognized as a leader in smoke and CO alarm research, and we continue to work with manufacturers and authorities to advance new and innovative products and safety measures.

UL tests initiating and notification devices for compliance with current applicable ANSI/NFPA, EN and CAN/CSA standards. We certify products with the UL Mark, which is widely recognized and respected as a symbol of certification to the highest safety standards and is viewed as a differentiator within the IND market.


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