UL engineers are knowledge experts in the complex technology of alarm systems. We certify fire alarm control panels, smoke control systems, emergency evacuation systems and mass notification systems in accordance with the UL Mark, UL-EU Mark and EN-54. We also support and test for the CE Mark. The UL Mark is a trusted symbol of product integrity among organizations that demand third-party certification for mission-critical systems in North America, Middle East, and parts of Asia. To help enable efficient market access to these organizations, we engage with customers early in the product development process and provide technical support throughout. With testing facilities located across the globe and a worldwide network of partner laboratories, UL provides technical expertise and local certification for the convenience of our customers. In fact, we continue to expand our testing services with new laboratories in Asia and the United Kingdom. We also provide guidance for customers to get their own laboratories recognized with the Witness Test Data Program (WTDP), or Client Test Data Program (CTDP), under ISO 17025. These data acceptance programs enable testing at customer facilities on a schedule that best suits their needs. Backed by extensive industry expertise and experience, UL creates custom-testing solutions to evaluate new and innovative products. With our constant focus on the future of the fire alarm, smoke control, and mass notification industries, UL works with authorities to develop new standards for emerging risks and market needs. Along with U.S. and Canadian certification, we help customers gain global market access through UL and other international standards such as EN, including EN 54 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems. UL also provides dedicated follow-up services to help ensure the ongoing integrity and quality control of product manufacture and certification. Additionally, customers can access MyHome—a secure UL portal with online tools, databases and proprietary customer content for information needs.

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