ULwebCerts is a self-service online portal available to UL Listed alarm service companies to assist with Certificate and compliance management.

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ULwebCerts Tutorials

Each link listed below contains a detailed tutorial explaining how to navigate ULwebCerts, or how to utilize the ULwebCerts tools. Each tutorial contains step-by-step instructions, including screenshots, designed to make using ULwebCerts fast and easy.

ULwebCerts: Getting Started

Getting Started: Registering for MyHome – How to set up a MyHome Account.
Gatekeeper Agreement – How to establish a Gatekeeper for a MyHome account.
Requesting Access to Company Information – How to gain access to your company’s proprietary information.
MyHome: My Account – General information regarding MyHome account management.
ULwebCerts Features: Basic Introduction – A brief introduction of the tools available on ULwebCerts.

ULwebCerts: Utilizing the Tools

My Summary – How to use the tools located in the ‘My Summary’ panel.
Retrieving Your Certificate of Compliance – Accessing a copy of your Certificate of Compliance.
Issuing a New Certificate – A step-by-step process description of how to issue a new Certificate.
Correcting Your UL Certificate – Making changes to a UL Certificate.
Reissuing Your UL Certificate – Reissuing a Certificate that is about to expire, or reissuing a Certificate in which changes have been made.
Cancelling Your UL Certificate – How to cancel a Certificate.
How to Set Your ULwebCerts Notification Preferences – How to customize your Certificate notifications.

ULwebCerts: Generating Reports

Retrieving Your Certificate of Compliance – Detailed instructions explaining how to retrieve a copy of your Certificate of Compliance.  Generate Reports – Invoice Analysis – Explanation of the Invoice Analysis and how to generate the report.
Generate Reports – Certificate Inventory Reports – How to generate an Issuing Certificate Inventory Report and a Monitoring Certificate Inventory Report for active Certificates.
Certificate Lists – Export to Excel – How to export a list of Certificates, past or present, into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The Export to Excel function is available in:

  • Active Certificates
  • Certificates Expiring in 60 days
  • Open Draft Requests
  • Expired & Cancelled Certificates