Certificate of Compliance

UL issues Certificates of Compliance to all UL Listed alarm companies. The Certificate of Compliance is often used by an alarm company as a declaration that the alarm services it provides meets Alarm Industry standards and requirements.

Benefits of a Certificate of Compliance:
  • Indicates a partnership between the alarm service company and UL
  • Identifies the categories in which an alarm service company maintains a UL Listing
  • Displays the unique file numbers associated with each UL Listing maintained by th alarm service company
  • Code authorities use Certificates of Compliance to identify qualified alarm service companies

Sample Certificate of Compliance

Elements of a protected property certificate include:
  • Type of alarm service provided to the protected property
  • Name and address of the protected property
  • Name and address of the alarm service company responsible for issuing the certificate
  • Description of the extent of protection coverage, equipment installed and other details
  • The Certificate period of issuance (issuance date and expiration date)
  • Each Certificate possesses a unique serial number

Sample Fire Alarm Certificate

Sample Mercantile Burglar Certificate

Sample National Industrial Certificate