We deliver an extensive portfolio of renewable energy services. Our goal is to empower trust throughout the project lifecycle and across the supply chain. Our services support projects for wind, solar, energy storage, inverters, cybersecurity and sustainable electricity products.

We work to help the energy industry mitigate risk and navigate complexity associated with renewable resources. We have become a trusted advisor by providing access to proven science and expert engineering, and by offering innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges of the renewable energy industry. We pride ourselves on being accessible, flexible, and keenly responsive to the needs of our clients, and helping them to reduce humanity’s global carbon footprint and generate healthy financial returns.

Certification for sustainable electricity products, such as low-impact electricity products, helps companies demonstrate that their renewable energy products have low environmental impacts when compared to traditional fossil based electricity generation activities. These impacts are among other things include: low net greenhouse gas emissions, limited depletion of non-renewable resources, reduced emissions of other pollutants and reduced impacts on aquatic, riparian and terrestrial ecosystems and species.


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