Fire Alarm Listing Certifications

  • Central Station Fire Alarm (UUFX)
  • Local, Remote Station, Proprietary Supervising Station Fire Service (UUJS)
  • Proprietary Fire Alarm Monitoring Stations (UUKA)

Central Station Fire Alarm Service

Fire alarm systems are supervised by a commercial entity serving multiple customers. Fire alarm signals are recorded and acted on by trained operators. Requirements in NFPA 72 address these elements of service:

  • System installation at protected premises
  • Signal monitoring
  • Retransmission of signals and associated record-keeping
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Runner service
  • Certification

Central Station Service Delivery

NFPA 72 allows for Central Station Service delivery by either a single full-service entity, or through a contractual partnership between a monitoring company and an alarm service-local company.

Full-Service Company
A full-service company delivers all alarm service elements and has the ability to issue UL Certificates.

Monitoring Only Company
Provides signal monitoring and system supervision services.
A monitoring only company must operate under a subcontract with an alarm service company that is authorized to issue UL Certificates.

Alarm Service-Local Company
Delivers installation, testing, service, maintenance, and runner service to protected premises. Monitoring is subcontracted to a UL Listed central station.

Alarm System Description (ASD) Form

Fire Alarm System (UUFX) | Instructions