Central Station Fire Service

Fire alarm systems are supervised by a commercial entity serving multiple customers. Fire alarm signals are recorded and acted on by trained operators. Requirements in NFPA 72 address the following elements of service:

  • System installation at protected premises
  • Signal monitoring
  • Retransmission of signals and associated record-keeping
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Runner service
  • Certification
Delivery of Central Station Services allowed by NFPA 72:
  • A single full-service entity
  • A contractual partnership between an alarm service-local company and a monitoring company.

Full-Service Company
A full-service company delivers all alarm service elements and also has the ability to issue UL Certificates.

Monitoring Only Company
Provides signal monitoring and system supervision services under contract to companies authorized to issue UL Certificates.

Alarm Service Local Company
Delivers alarm system installation, testing, service, maintenance, and runner service to protected premises.
Monitoring is subcontracted to a Listed central station.

Central Station Burglar Alarm Service

Intrusion detection systems at a subscriber’s property send signals to a central station. The information is recorded, maintained, and processed by trained operators. Central station systems operation is under joint control of the owner and the central station. The specifics of arming and disarming the system are agreed upon in advance and any deviations from that understanding are investigated by the central station. Runners are on duty at all times and are dispatched to investigate any unauthorized entry of protected properties. Local law enforcement may also be dispatched.

Hosted Central Station

The Hosted Central Station category covers host services that support the delivery of central station services to companies that carry UL Certifications for central station burglar alarm systems (CPVX), Central Station Protective Signaling Services (UUFX), or Monitoring Stations, Residential (CVSU). Hosting services may consist of, but are not limited to, data storage from alarm monitoring software, housing the automation system that is running the alarm monitoring software, and/or housing the receivers, as well as, the automation system.