Central Station Burglar Alarm Service

Intrusion detection systems at a subscriber’s property send signals to a central station. The information is recorded, maintained, and processed by trained operators. Central station systems operation is under joint control of the owner and the central station. The specifics of arming and disarming the system are agreed upon in advance and any deviations from that understanding are investigated by the Central Station. Runners are on duty at all times and are dispatched to investigate any unauthorized entry of protected properties. Local law enforcement may also be dispatched.

Mercantile Burglar Alarm Service

In Mercantile Burglar Alarm Service, intrusion detection or object protection systems at a subscriber’s property may annunciate an alarm locally only or may also send signals to a Central Station or local law enforcement center. Operation of a mercantile alarm system is primarily under the control of the owner or others interested in the property. Specific response to alarm signals is not defined in ANSI/UL Standards, but is agreed to by the alarm service provider and its subscriber.

Residential Monitoring Stations

A Residential Monitoring Station is a facility that has personnel on duty specifically trained to handle signals received from Bank (CPRH), Mercantile (CVSG), and Residential (CVWY) burglar alarm systems. Central station systems (CPVX) are not covered by a monitoring station.
A Residential Monitoring Listing indicates that the Listed company has demonstrated the capability of satisfying the requirements for building, equipment, staffing, signal processing, signal re-transmission, and record keeping, as required in UL 827, “Central Station Alarm Services”.

Alarm System Description (ASD) Form

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