A complete product is ultimately an assembly of components, often thought of as building blocks. Components can be either Listed or Recognized by UL. The simplest method by which to comply, on a component level, is to start with certified components.

Many UL investigations of equipment involve an evaluation of the suitability of components, such as relays, thermostats and switches, for specific applications. Where such components are designed to comply with all construction and performance requirements of the category, they are eligible for UL Listing and suitable for either field or factory installation.

In some situations, components of special design may be incomplete in construction or restricted in performance capabilities. These components are “Recognized” and may be entirely suitable for factory installation on other equipment where the limitations of use are known to the manufacturer and where their use within such limitations may be investigated by UL. These limitations are referred to as Conditions of Acceptability, and are available from the component manufacturer.

With UL’s component recognition service, UL determines that a manufacturer has demonstrated the ability to produce a component for use in an end product that complies with UL’s requirements. This type of investigation takes into account the performance and construction characteristics of the end product and how the component will be used in that product. UL conducts a Follow-up Service as an audit of the means the manufacturer uses to determine continued compliance of the component with UL’s requirements.

Using UL certified components during production may help reduce costs and time to market. Because the components have already been found to be in compliance with the applicable component requirements, costly redesign issues that may be identified during the certification process relating to components can be minimized.

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