ONC healthcare IT security and certification programs help assess the security of information and patient data.

Health Information Technology products are an essential piece of effective healthcare. However, it is important to take steps to ensure patient data is protected and to verify the correct functioning of the software in order to provide effective patient care. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Health IT Certification Program supports certification of various types of Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for use in doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals. It is a voluntary conformity assessment program that demonstrates your commitment to accurate software execution, patient privacy, and information security. UL can guide you through the complete process, from understanding the requirements to healthcare IT security testing and certification.

We maintain a number of accreditations to support your ONC testing and certification objectives:

For the complete list of Health IT Modules certified by UL, browse our EHR Certified Product List. Contact us for more information about our ONC testing and certification services.


Our ability to perform healthcare IT security testing and certification eliminates the need to contract with multiple organizations to achieve certification and delivers the customer service experience expected from UL

  • Onsite/ UL lab testing capabilities
  • Evaluations and review of products against the requirements
  • Test products to ONC requirements
  • Review of failures and re-testing



Global Market Acceptance

  • 120 year business experience
  • Operates in more than 143 countries
  • UL has issued more CB Test Certificates than any other body
  • UL reports and certifications are recognized and accepted around the world
  • UL Marks appear on more than 22 billion products globally
Comprehensive Testing & Certification Services

  • UL offers field evaluations, onsite training and can come to you for testing
  • Full compliance testing/evaluation to pre-scans and other preliminary testing
  • UL has engineers that work with you from design through conception and production
  • UL’s engineers average 10 plus years in the industry
  • UL has over 11 industries business units in the UL company portfolio


Knowledge of Global Standards and Regulatory Requirements

  • Covers many markets ie FDA (US), MFDS (Korean FDA), EU IVD, EU MDD
  • UL has helped to set more than 1,600 standards defining safety, security, quality and sustainability
  • UL Engineers partner with standard committees such as AAMI, ANSI and government bodies
  • UL has an FDA recognized consensus standard, UL 2900, for cybersecurity
State of the Art Facilities

  • 159 UL laboratories for testing and certification world wide
  • Tailored testing solutions, using software automation to enhance process efficiency, analyze results and reduce testing cycles
  • Over 10 Accredited UL laboratories around the world