UL Life and Health Sciences supports four key areas within the Healthcare market vertical



The exciting fast-paced medical device industry is rich with technological innovation. Most of these devices are now connected in some way to other healthcare products and software. We perform critical testing and inspection to facilitate a wide variety of electronic, chemical, usability, security, and interoperability tests all along the product development process and also help clients receive certification and validation of key requirements.



HealthTech products are consumer-oriented medical devices with health technology. Outside the clinical setting, many devices have now become wearables used as part of people’s everyday lifestyle to monitor their health and overall wellbeing. We can help manufacturers and designers ensure that these modern healthcare products have all the safety and security measures in place, especially in regards to cloud-based data transfer and toxicity/reaction to skin and the human body.



Medical devices known as combination devices cross over into the pharmaceutical or biologic space and are used to administer and dose chemical therapies. These products range from infusion pumps to coated stents or other implants. As hybrid devices, they have unique safety concerns addressed through our dedicated labs. We also have specific testing procedures and processes to help manufacturers ensure the packaging of their products withstands sterility and pressure testing for safe transport and durability throughout intended shelf life.

Healthcare Providers


UL supports a wide range of healthcare providers and patient care delivery networks with interoperability and coexistence assurance especially as Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Personal Health Information (PHI) are passed through an ecosystem. We perform a number of vulnerability assessments and verify security protocols for laboratories and facilities home to multiple connected medical devices. Additionally, we facilitate overall risk management within the healthcare product procurement process including retail distribution and emerging channels. We also help pharmacies achieve Electronic Prescriptions of Controlled Substances security compliance.


**As a Notified Body, MDSAP Recognized Auditing Organization and ISO 17000 series accredited Certification Body we cannot participate in the design, manufacture, installation or distribution of the products we certify or provide consultancy services related to those products. In addition, the UL Notified Body cannot provide certification services to companies that have been provided with consultancy services from other companies in the UL family. We also cannot link our activities to the activities of organizations that provide consultancy services. If you require such services please use an internet search engine to identify relevant providers.