UL’s production quality assessments help provide the utmost confidence and certainty for hazardous locations equipment manufacturers and their customers around the world. Our ISO-trained auditors are engineers with real-world technical experience who bring in-depth understanding of current and evolving Ex standards that reflect customer products and processes.

Across industries and regions, we can help implement manufacturing best practices to ensure relevant market acceptance and efficiencies. Our manufacturing audits provide essential information that enables brand managers, compliance officers and quality assurance specialists to make informed decisions directly impacting brand credibility and product marketability.

Backed by more than a century of safety science expertise and experience, UL production quality assessments provide credible and reliable information that is crucial in helping to ensure the continued compliance and integrity of IECEx, ATEX and INMETRO certifications.

ISO/IEC 80079-34 is the international standard for IECEx, ATEX and INMETRO production quality assessments. Through our active involvement on the IEC technical committee responsible for maintaining this standard, and our close working relationships with customers, we are able to act as a truly interconnected partner. We understand issues and innovations that are in the market today and provide thought leadership for the future.

Our comprehensive industry knowledge and technical expertise translate into actionable business efficiencies for our customers. We are able to provide one combined product and production evaluation, performed by one UL project team, to obtain all of the above testing, certification and quality audits.

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